First Look: Moglin Hats

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 17, 2016

Not Made from REAL Moglins

"Are those made from real moglins!? I'm calling PETA"

Artix and Dage premiered HeroMart's newest experiment... Moglin Ear hats at Anime Impulse!

Moglin Hats

(You can read more about our trip here.) What is a moglin? (Wait, how are you here if you do not know what a moglin is!?) Moglins are our magical forest creature mascot characters. Two of the most famous are Twilly & Zorbak. Twilly is the helpful red one with a little chunk missing from his ear (how did that happen?) Zorbak is the sinister and 100% "Ebil" blue one with the scar on his eye. These two hats were designed based off of them. In addition to being awesome, comfy, and high quality... the hats also include in-game items in both AdventureQuest 3D & AdventureQuest Worlds. They were without question our booth's top seller. We loved seeing people wearing them during our panel.

Live Draw

NOTE! The Moglin hats just went live on our online store (and we kept the crazy pants discount if you buy that bundle that contains both of them.)

Panel side view

NOTE 2! Obligatory Disclaimer: moglin hats do not include magical healing powers. If we ever find a way to weave magic into fabric, though, these hats will be our first test subjects.

Stryche says, "Make sure to tell all our heroes they will unlock two pets inside AdventureQuest Worlds with each hat. Do it!"


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